Mary Poppins’ bag

I remember feeling really anxious before running a training course for teachers or a music class for children during my first years as a music educator.

Little by little I found my way into it: I tried, I made mistakes, I went to many courses and I tried again.

Do you ever feel anxious before an event that you need to facilitate or a music class? Maybe there is a specific group or a child that drives you crazy. I know the feeling!

Now I follow a nice flow in my sessions that helps me to focus on the positive feelings and feedbacks coming from the groups of participants. I have developed my own approach and “secrets” that allow me to enjoy the process instead of focusing on the negative thoughts that come to my mind whenever something doesn’t go as I’ve planned.

Sometimes I feel like Mary Poppins!

Why Mary Poppins?

Well, inside that incredible, endless bag she’s able to find the right thing at the right moment! Shw can look deep inside it and take out exactly what she needs when she needs it.

Teaching for me is exactly this 👜 !

Being able to search inside a bag full of music games, creativity and imagination to adapt my approach to my students’ needs.

And you? Do you already have a Mary Poppins’ bag???

What can you find inside my bag?