Music and Cognition – Research Group

Founded in 2018, Music and Cognition is a research group who examine the impact of music and the arts on cognition, and other areas of child development. The group seeks to bring together researchers, musicians, teachers and other practitioners to work collaboratively and help bridge the gap between research and learning.

Music and Cognition aims to design, implement and assess projects that tackle an identified need, as well as establishing high-quality, collaborative relationships between researchers, teachers, practitioners, children and schools.

Our Aims:

  • To carry out research which develops our understanding of how musical learning supports other key areas of children’s development.
  • To provide music and arts experiences for children who would not otherwise get the opportunity.
  • To unite teachers, researchers, practitioners and children in learning from one another, collaboratively.

Our outputs will provide scientific evidence of how music supports other areas of child development, as well as detailing how skills can be integrated into curricular and teaching practice.

The target audiences for our outputs are policy makers, early years practitioners, teachers, music educators, researchers, academics and the media.

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