Are you a music educator, a teacher, a music therapist or a music group facilitator in London?
Join us for one of our NOTES OF LIFE ~ COMMUNITY meetings!

A 2-hour workshop dedicated to who have the desire to share, grow in their profession and keep learning – with NO JUDGMENT!

IMPORTANT! Anybody can join us (no level required) and have a space to share activities or lead part of the session.

For any information and if you want to come to the session, please fill the form here.

* If you want to try an activity or a music game with the group please, let me know as soon as possible! *

Please, feel free to share NOTES OF LIFE ~ COMMUNITY meetings!


Saturday 25th of May
Highbury Park Music ~ 23 Highbury Park, N5 1TH
11.30am to 13.30pm

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