Mary Poppins’ bag


This is a project dedicated to you, your experience and skills, inspired by a simple idea: the magic carpet bag of Mary Poppins. Mentoring for me means listening, sharing and brainstorming together to find the best solutions for your life as a music teacher. After having planned the right time and day for your sessions, we will discuss topics of your choice that are important for your personal development and your work with your students.

Why Mary Poppins?

Well, inside her incredible, endless bag she’s able to find the right thing at the right moment! She can look deep inside it and take out exactly what she needs when she needs it.
Teaching for me is exactly this.
Being able to search inside a bag full of music games, creativity and imagination to adapt my approach to my students’ needs.

We both know that our work constantly puts us to the test and requires us not only to be able to manage complex situations but also to stay up to date on the latest educational discoveries (to be honest, these are precisely the reasons why I chose this job!). If you are reading this page, it is because you are looking for something new or you want to deepen some aspects of your work as a teacher. Well, this is already a fantastic start!


A 3 – step customised journey


This is the first step of our journey together and it’s the right one if:

  • you want to clarify some basic elements of your work with groups;
  • you work with different age groups and would like to understand even better how to manage your educational proposal;
  • you have been working with music for years but you want to have more instruments to manage your classes;
  • you want to know what are the steps to build the perfect music lesson.

How much does The Carpet bag cost?

This plan costs £140 and it’s based on 4 sessions. We are going to work on specific topics to have solid foundations during your sessions. Each session lasts 60 minutes and it can be done online or at my studio in London.


With this plan, you’re ready to take off and fly a bit higher! This is the right step if:

  • your classes are already going pretty well although you have some doubts;
  • you want to discover a bit more about the extra-musical learning areas that you can stimulate during your sessions;
  • there is a specific topic that you wish to deepen;
  • you want advice on a project you are already working on.

How much does The Kite cost?

This plan is based on 2 customised sessions and it costs £70. If you feel that 2 sessions are not enough you can always book for a block of 4 sessions for £140. We will decide the day and time together to work on your teaching approach. Each session lasts 60 minutes and it can be done online or at my studio in London.


If you are already feeling strong about your work, this is the right step for you!

Your classes are going well and you are quite satisfied with your approach but… there is always a but! Yes, because our work is hard! Choose this plan if:

  • everything is going well but you are tired of doing the same old activities;
  • you really need to understand how to create a session that involves all your students;
  • you have a specific case/situation that needs special attention;
  • you want to start a new important project and it’s better to hear an extra opinion about it.
  • you want to discuss a specific topic that you found interesting during one of my workshops.

How much does A Spoonful of Sugar cost?

This step is the most developed that I can offer to you so each session cost £50, but you can also book for 2 sessions for £80 and four sessions for £160. Before the 60-minute sessions (online or at my studio in London), I will ask you to fill a form where you can explain to me why you need my support. Eventually, all our work together will be collected in a PDF with suggestions, tips and music activities that I will discuss with you.


Are you looking for support to achieve your goals as a music teacher or music therapist? Are you tired of feeling alone facing every day difficult moments with your groups of students or perhaps you’re just looking for new solutions to work with that child that never listen to you?

I know the feeling and it’s not fun. Teaching is hard work and sometimes it’s not even recognised by your colleagues. Well, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore!

Being a music teacher is a wonderful job and what we do is really important! It’s time to focus and get ready to introduce a change in your everyday teaching life.

What can you find inside my bag?

Through this customised mentoring I will provide you with theoretical and practical solutions for your classes, I’ll share activities and music games with you and I will help you to design a creative plan according to your ideas and passions.

You will receive targeted actions to bring this change, and we will build together your knowledge to maintain your new approach to music education or therapy.

  • Support in case of difficulties, challenges and doubts that may arise working in education and therapy;
  • Preparation of intervention plans in case of one-to-one or group music sessions in nurseries, primary and secondary schools;
  • Preparation of intervention plans of one-to-one or group music therapy sessions with children and adolescent (specifically in case of Autism, Deafness, Speech disorders, Learning disabilities);
  • Personalised activities involving music, movement, body music, improvisation, use of instruments and new technologies;
  • Supervision through videos;
  • Audio and video resources.