A music lesson is like a piece of music. It can move from Debussy’s Moonlight, calm and thoughtful, to Blur’s Song 2, with a strong steady rhythm and a little chaotic.

My name is Tiziana and teaching is my passion! I’m here to help you find your personal teaching style.

Mentoring for me means listening, sharing and brainstorming together to find the best solutions for your life as a music teacher. 

My courses are organised according to the topic: early year music, body music and circle singing, music therapy.


Do you have a specific doubt?
Let’s have a nice chat on Skype, you can talk to me about your projects and I will suggest you how best we can work together to achive your goals.

My child is 4, I’m interested in piano classes.
One of the most difficult things I find in the management of …
Agatha e i suoi occhioni blu.
Nel frattempo Agatha pensa di arrivare a musica, trovare gli altri bambini …