Body Music for children

Why did I decide to create this course?

My main goal is to help you find your style of teaching which is unique and personal! Each one of us has a different personality, skills and experience so why not to create a course where you can learn how to be authentic and creative in your own classroom?

To do this we need to study what is behind a music class, knowing deeply the learning areas that characterised it. I will help you understanding all the practical and theoretical elements of your music session to support you in the creation of your personal teaching approach.

I’ve been working in nurseries, primary and secondary schools, in three different countries and every time it was hard work! I had to learn really quickly how to adapt my teaching style according to the system I was teaching in and I know really well what it means to enter in a classroom feeling insecure, scared and a bit lost.

A multimodal teaching approach

The workshop is designed to support you, teacher or music educator, in the structuring of your musical session for children aged between 3 and 15.

We will learn according to a MULTIMODAL AND INTERMODAL TEACHING APPROACH. The music activities and games involving movement, body percussion and voice. Also, I will build a path that gradually reaches the use of the musical instruments, through imitation, composition and improvisation.

Specifically, I will help you understand how to manage a group through body music, silence and playfulness and to discover all the elements to create a session that flows naturally.

Teaching music means welcoming every little idea and making it big thanks to everyone’s collaboration.

I’ve always wanted to understand what’s behind a music activity.

The course will develop on a continuous exchange between theory and practice, focusing on the description:

  • of the learning areas on which the activities are based, to support you in designing your educational project;
  • of the executive functions that are stimulated during group music activities (attention, short-term memory, flexibility, planning of cognitive activities, inhibition of impulses …);
  • of exercises aimed at rediscovering one’s own musicality in the most natural and possible way, based on the latest research in neuromusic.

How is the course structured?

Body Music for children is a 10/12 – hour workshop.

Participants will receive ebooks with activities, powerpoint, links to videos and songs. In additions, I created a facebook group called Body Music for Children where everyone can share ideas or ask for support.

What are the dates of the course?

Most of my courses are organised by schools, organisations and charities.

Do you have other questions? Have a look below!

Can I participate even if I’m not a music teacher?

Yes, all levels are welcome! You will learn many new activities to use immediately with your students.

What if the activities are too difficult for me?

The activities are simple but effective, structured following a step-by-step process. There is always room for student and teacher improvisation, with the support of musical grammar and the use of new technologies.

What kind of music do you use in your sessions?

My classes are based on many different music pedagogies, approaches and cultures. In this sense, I can say that every style and genre are welcome in the classroom: instrumental music, songs with our without words, improvisation in all modes and meters, and lots of songwriting!

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