How body music can improve neuromotor skills in case of hemiparesis? A case study run on Skype

Georgia and I are running a study case about the impact of body music on vocal and motor coordination in case of neuromotor dysfunction.

Georgia was born with hemiparesis that caused her severe dysfunction on her right side of the body. On top of that, she unfortunately had a terrible motorbike accident when she was 20 that left her with additional motor issues.

We met many years ago during a body music workshop that I ran in Genova and after 3 hours she told she was feeling incredibly positive effects on her right side of the body, the one affected by the hemiparesis.
For years, she came to all my body music events, to improve her motor skills.

Eventually, we have decided to meet on Skype every week to do body music together. Soon she will have the second coordination and fine-motor skills tests to observe the impact of the body music after a few months of work!

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