GORDON UK – Music Research Institute

The year 2019 will arrive with a great new project dedicated to music practitioners working with early years music!
After almost 10 years teaching accordingly to the Gordon’s Music Learning Theory between Italy, Spain and UK I’m proud to announce the opening of the Gordon UK – Music Research Institute in London!

Gordon UK is born from a beautiful collaboration with the super expert in the Gordon’s MLT Marta – Una Maestra di Musica, between London and Milan.

We have studied, researched and applied the Music Learning Theory in many events, classes and courses for children and families and we are now ready to bring our passion here in London.

From January at Highbury Park Music we will start creating the calendar for our international training courses about the Gordon’s MLT. 
We will be so lucky to have some of the most expert teachers with us, along with psychologists and music researchers.

Follow the page Gordon UK to learn more!

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Based in London with a passion for music therapy, body music, circle singing, impro theatre and travelling!

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