What do we really need to run a good music therapy session?

Just finished two strong music therapy sessions for kids with autism.
I’m tired but happy! Their interactions are a lot more now, after two months of meetings! 🎶🎵
I could hear their voice singing and asking me for tunes; they played the instruments and I saw them really exited keeping the rhythm with the body percussion! Once I finished I took a picture of the classroom and I felt it was so empty!!!
How many elements were not there anymore? What do we really need to run a good session?
Let’s start the list…

  • 0.listening  
  • 1. circle music 
  • 2. relationshiop 
  • 3. musical games 
  • 4. jokes 
  • 5. passion 
  • 6. experience 
  • 7. help from the tutor 
  • 8. curiosity 
  • 9. mistakes
  • 10. a fair amount of luck!

I would be happy to have suggestions! 

Venla Sandgren I like your list!  I would also add: #touching #usingthevoice#singing #smiling #hugging 

Noga Ritter improvisation ! we work a lot with SEN children in all ages . Beat-box goes down super well and Loop pedal !!! when they hear their voices played back at them its an enormous affect !

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