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Clap, tap, stomp, click, sing, move, dance, make music with your own sounds and experiment a self-discovery!

London Circle Music is run by Alba Cabral and Tiziana Pozzo. The workshops and events are based on the use of rhythmic exercises through playful learning, singing, vocal improvisation, exploration of sounds in different parts of the body, interaction, fun, collaboration and Brazilian rhythms.

Benefits: development of coordination, increase the capacity for listening, singing, collaborative work, independence of voice and movement, sense of rhythm.

The London Circle Music is open for all levels, designed for both music lovers and professionals. All learning techniques and exercises can also be applied in the educational, didactic, therapeutic and performance spheres.

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The course is developed in 3 workshops of three hours. Participants can attend one, two or three workshops.Saturdays 21st October / 4th November / 2nd December 2018
– from 2.00pm to 5.00pm
– venue to be confirmed in North London

one workshop £30 – booked in advance BEFORE the 13th October / AFTER 13th October one workshop £35
two workshops £65
three workshops £95

Tiziana Pozzo – / 07426 084488
Minimum 10 people.



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